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Ramone Kindrat, BSW, RSW 

Completed a Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Manitoba in 1987 and went on to complete a certificate in Business at Red River Community College in 1992. As the director of Adoption By Choice I have been privileged to work with adoptive, foster and kinship families to promote permanence for children. My background experience also includes working in a variety of areas of social work including mental health, obstetrics, children’s services and community based programs servicing children and families.

Designation and Experience

I completed a Bachelor of Social Work degree at the University of Calgary in 1997 and went on to complete a Master of Social Work degree at the University of Calgary in 1999.  The majority of my career was at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, in the Child Abuse Service.  I provided assessment and treatment to children and families who had been impacted by neglect, maltreatment and trauma.   I relocated to Kelowna, British Columbia in 2013 and have been employed with BC Cancer – Kelowna, as a social worker in the Patient and Family Counselling department, providing individual, group and family counselling to our patients and their family members.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the many individuals I have met over the course of my career, who have been able to overcome challenges and obstacles and go on to experience life to the fullest and share hope and positivity with others.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Some of my most cherished experiences have been when previous clients have contacted me to let me know where they are now, and to tell me that they are doing well and have been able to build healthy relationships and families and are enjoying their lives to the fullest.

What are your hobbies or interests?

I have found a wonderful yoga community in Kelowna and attend classes several times per week.  I love fresh air and walking in nature and swimming in the lake.  I have recently started taking adult acting courses which has been a lot of fun.

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