Frequently Asked Questions

For clients of Adoption By Choice

Q - Time Lines – When will I hear from the staff at ABC and have an opportunity to discuss my file?

A – Staff are working together to develop plans going forward and will contact you as soon as possible. You should receive a call or email within two weeks.


Q – Money – Will I receive any money back?

A – Money will be refunded to clients for services not rendered.  Management at ABC is currently evaluating all financials; as we are a non-profit agency, any net proceeds will be distributed toward client services.


Q. What are my options now?

A. Management at ABC are currently negotiating potential file transfers with the other three adoption agencies. More information will be available in the days to come.


Q - Records management – Will I have access to my file?

A – Your files will either be returned to you or transferred to another agency if you choose to work with them.  We continue to hold your information in the strictest confidence.


Q – Post adoption inquiries – What happens to completed adoption files and birth parent files? How do we request information from these file in the future?

A – All Birth parent files and finalized adoption files will be archived with Alberta Children’s Services (Alberta Adoption). Any future requests for information should be directed to Alberta Children’s Services.


Q – Email - Why have we been directed to the email as opposed to emailing our social worker directly?

A – Your questions and inquiries are important to us. ABC has requested that all questions be directed to one email to streamline the process to ensure no communication is missed.


Q – Social Media – Why was the social media stopped and the Adoption By Choice website revised?

A – As a licensed adoption agency we want to be clear in our communication and messaging to the community and our decision to close the agency.

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