FAQ's for Birthparents

1) Are there any costs for services to birth parents at ABC?

No, all counselling to birth parents is offered free of charge. Counselling is provided to birth mothers, birth fathers and their families before, during and after the adoption placement.

2) Can a birth mother receive any money from the adoptive family?

No, it is illegal for there to be an exchange of money between birth parents and adoptive parents in the province of Alberta.

3) When do I sign a consent form to the adoption?

Adoption consents can only be signed after the baby is born and only once you are sure that this is the right decision for you and your child. An adoption consent form cannot be signed until at least 24 hours after your baby’s birth.

4) What if I change my mind?

A birth parent who has signed a Consent by Guardian to Adoption form has ten full days after the consent is signed to revoke the consent. Within that ten day period the child would be returned to you from the adoptive parents. 
After the ten day period has expired, it is a much more difficult process to have the child returned to your care. You would need to hire a lawyer and go to court, where a judge would make a decision about what is in a child’s best interest. 
It is very important that you be sure before you sign any consent form to an adoption.

5) Are the contact arrangements legally binding?

The contact arrangements in open adoption are not legally binding. It is very important that you find a family that you can trust to maintain openness and a connection with you in the years ahead. 
The contact arrangements are not ordered by the court (as in divorce). The arrangements for contact are morally binding, but in all circumstances, what is in the child’s best interest will guide the frequency and kind of contact agreed to.

6) What are the birth father’s rights?

According the Family Law Act, a legal consent for adoption will be required by the birth father if he is deemed a guardian. Each situation is unique, but at Adoption By Choice we will do our best to engage birth fathers in planning for their child, or maintaining connection following placement.

7) How long does it take for the adoption to be finalized at the Court of Queen’s Bench?

It usually takes between 4 to 6 months for an adoption to be finalized.

8) Can I parent my child and then look at adoption when he or she is older?

Certainly. You do not have to place your child for adoption at birth. You may choose to parent, try your best and then you can look at adoption if parenting becomes more difficult than you thought. 
It is usually not difficult to find adoptive families for children under four years of age.

9) Will my child be in foster care?

Not usually. Usually the child will go directly from your care to the adoptive parents care. If you needed more time to make a good decision and you couldn’t look after your child, then temporary arrangements can be made with Alberta Children’s Services for the child to go into foster care until you have a plan in place.

10) Can I meet other birth parents?

Yes, most definitely. ABC has a wonderful support network of birth parents who welcome the chance to talk to other people considering adoption.

11) What kind of help can I expect from ABC?

At ABC, the trained staff will help you with decision making about adoption and then give you the opportunity to choose the potential adoptive family and meet them. We’ll be there to help you ask questions to the family and help you develop a level of comfort with them and with your decision. 
If you are considering placing a newborn, we’ll be there to talk with you after the baby is born, and support you emotionally. If you are considering placing an infant or toddler, we will be there to help prepare you and your child as your child moves from your care to the adoptive parents’ care. We are there to help you with the grief and loss issues that will undoubtedly surface. 
At ABC, the caring staff will help you before, during and after the placement.

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