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Adoption By Choice specializes in the production of home studies which are completed for a variety of purposes. Since 2004 Adoption By Choice has been completing home studies for Child and Family Services for individuals and families applying for adoption, kinship care, private guardianship, and foster care. Since 2008 we have implemented the use of SAFE  model of home studies (Structured Analysis Family Evaluation), which is the required format for all provincial home studies.  This model is used throughout most of Canada and the United States. It is based on a foundation of strong practice values and combines an information gathering and analysis technique that assists the social worker to describe and evaluate a family. It is a strength based model of home study which focuses on the individual and family strengths and capabilities. In all types of home studies we are looking for stability, capacity to adapt to change and how this information relates to one’s ability to provide care to a child.

Adoption By Choice has recruited and trained experienced Registered Social Workers in the SAFE home study model.  Ongoing supervision and consultation is provided to the home study writers, with supervisors working closely with both the writers and referral sources as needed to provide a thorough analysis of each family composition. Adoption By Choice ensures that the supervision is provided to all SAFE home study writers to produce a comprehensive, quality report, which is completed in a timely manner as per the parameters of the SAFE model.

Representatives from Adoption By Choice are also be available to attend case conferences and administrative meetings to support the completion of quality home studies on an ongoing basis.


If you require a home study to be completed or would like to learn more about this process, please contact our head office at 403-245-8854, or email us at Calgary@adoptionbychoice.ca

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