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Frustrated with the wait? This may help.

April 2, 2014

The Greeks have an interesting way to conceptualize time which may be helpful to those of you who are frustrated with the wait. They measure time in two ways, the first is ‘Chronos’, referring to the chronological sequential time as in the numbered days on a calendar. i.e.: “We’ve been waiting for 14 months and nothing is happening!” Of course this is frustrating.

The second way the Greeks measure time is referred to as ‘Kairos’. It is referred to what is the ‘right time for an event to occur’ or the ‘fulfilled hour for God’s will to be realized’. It occurs at just the right moment; not too soon and not too late. This time happens ‘when it is supposed to happen’. It cannot be rushed any sooner than it’s supposed to.

Marking time the Chronos way can only lead to frustration and ‘watching the calendar clock’. Using the Kairos approach may be much more conducive to maintaining some sort of sanity during the wait. It can even be a tremendous relief. Trusting that the process works and that it will work in your situation helps to put things in their rightful place in the overall scheme of life. Instead of focusing on what is missing, it can free us to focus on the present and getting ready emotionally for the ‘right time’.

Sheila Feehan

BSW, MSW, RSW Social Worker

This article was originally written in ABC’s Newsletter May 1999 edition.

I found this article has stood the test of times and offers some great insight. Enjoy!

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