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Pregnant….and wondering when to meet a social worker?

Adoption By Choice social workers are available to meet you, no matter what your pregnancy stage. Sometimes we get a phone call from an individual the moment they find out they are pregnant and they want to meet to discuss all their options including termination. We have social workers on staff who will meet with you to explore parenting, adoption and termination. There are so many emotions going through your mind and it can be helpful to just meet and talk. This can be by yourself, with a friend, your parents or whomever you want to be present at the meeting. Meetings can take place in the community, your home, or our office. Meeting with a social worker does not mean you are building an adoption. It simply means you are exploring this option. Your meeting with us is confidential.

Sometimes I will meet someone when they are 4-5 months pregnant as the pregnancy was confirmed at this time. They often worry they won’t have enough time to look at adoption and choose a family-but they certainly do have enough time. I have met individuals after they have given birth and we look at supporting and providing information about adoption.

Social workers provide you support when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. There is no cost for any counselling services, no matter how many times we meet.

You can contact our office at 403-245-8854, send us an email at calgary@adoptionbychoice.ca or send us a text at 403-681-9630.

Laura Swift BSW, RSW

Supervisor, Domestic Adoption Program

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