• Melanie Feldman

Adoption and Grief

The Truth About Grief

Time heals all wounds. It is important to be strong in the face of loss. If you don’t cry, there is something wrong with you. Grief should last about a year

You’ve heard them all – the biggest myths and misconceptions about grief.

The truth is that THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY TO GRIEVE. No time limit. No straight path from beginning to end. Some people need to grieve alone. Some people need to be with others constantly. Some people sleep all day. Some people can’t sleep. Some people eat. Some people have no appetite. Some people need intimacy. Other people can’t stand the thought.

Grief is an active process. A circular process. Grief is as unique as the person experiencing it. Grief is the price you pay for love. It is not a disorder or a sign of weakness. It is an emotional, physical and spiritual NECESSITY.

And Closure? Really? What is that? Who made up this concept? You don’t need closure to heal. Healing is finding a way to be with your pain. As humans, we have the capacity to carry grief & joy at the same time.

The only cure for grief is to grieve.

For more reading about grief and to get the “Bill of Rights for the Grieving” – go to:


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