• Melanie Feldman

Adoption: Same Sex Parents

For many years in my role as Director of Adoption By Choice in Alberta I have had the pleasure of working closely with many same sex couples who have become parents through adoption. In my experience I have often been so reassured by the level of love and support that the couples have for each other and their commitment to their role as parents. For many gay or lesbian couples, unfortunately they have had the experience of being judged as individuals, couples and especially as parents. Within our society there are remnants of judgement and ignorance towards the LGBT community. In our experience, many of the same sex couples who choose to become parents through adoption manifest an increased level of acceptance towards their children and any challenges that they may experience. For many, due to their own life experiences, their level of tolerance has been cultivated, which in turn provides them with a strong foundation in becoming very patient, understanding and non-judgmental parents. Not only do we see an increased level of acceptance for the children welcomed through adoption, but also in the relationships developed with birth parents and extended family members. The experience of adversity towards any group of individuals will undoubtedly build an increased foundation of strength and perseverance.

Ramone Kindrat, Executive Director, Adoption By Choice

In light of the horrific mass shooting in Florida this past week, our social work professional licensing body has posted the following:

Condolences for Orlando

Alberta College of Social Workers would like to extend our condolences and thoughts to the people of Orlando following the fatal mass shooting. In vigils across the world people are coming together in a public display of grieving and commitment against violence, homophobia, and oppression on the basis of gender and sexual identity. Despite our collective devastation, there is a sense that people will not give in to fear, nor give up trying to make the world a safe place for all. We call upon all social workers to stand in solidarity through our values, words, and actions for the rights, respect and safety of all people across the spectrum of gender and sexual identities. Further, as a profession dedicated to social change, we continue to condemn all forms of violence. We are committed to promoting respect, equality and rights for all.


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