• Melanie Feldman

Open Adoption Benefits Everyone.

"How fast 9 years go and each year gets busier but on our long drive home from a visit with Riley’s birth family I am taking a moment to reflect. Krista and her mom moved away to BC four years ago and we found them not interested in a connection, about once a year we tried with not much of a response.

This year Riley has been struggling with some big emotions and what appeared as shame so we found him an amazing counselor and started working on understanding and finding new strategies.

When we reached out this year we went to Krista’s mom instead and after a few days they said we could come for a visit. Understandably Krista was very nervous but her mom helped her. Riley had meet his one sister before but she was just 3 and he was just 5. Now he has almost 2-year old twin brothers too which he was really curious about.

In the end we had a good visit, each was short and in a park and the kids connected instantly. All the nerves leading up to the visit was worth it.

The most important is it appears everyone got what they were looking for. And all agreed to try and keep an annual trip as long as everyone is game.

In my reflection thinking back to our initial adoption course and now. Adoption is amazing, as I watched our boys interact this weekend with family. They were so accepting of Lucas ( our youngest), giving him hugs just like Riley and even Bailey called him her brother. Love wins!"

-From an Adoptive Mother, ABC



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