• Melanie Feldman

Let's Talk Adoption

Whether you are thinking about adopting, waiting for your placement, or are already

parenting, there are many ways you can educate yourself for your adoption journey.

While you are waiting for a placement or a proposed match with a child, you may feel like all you can do is “hurry up and wait”. This can be a challenging time for many prospective adoptive families. A great way to use this time is to prepare yourself for the journey ahead by continuing your learning. This includes educating yourself about parenting skills and strategies that are effective for attachment with your adopted child, and learning about possible needs your child will have due to their early life experiences andprenatal experiences.

This is also a good time to connect with other waiting families through online groups, blogs, online workshops, support groups and face-to-face informal connections.

Adoption By Choice can assist you with connecting with other families who are waiting for a placement of a child or are already parenting. Contact ABC at anytime if you would like to build your supportive network and share experiences with other adoptive families. There is always learning and encouragement that can be gained through forming these friendships and connections.

Additionally, there are webinars and articles to support families in each stage of their adoption journey. For those thinking about adoption and exploring it, for those who have already applied or are in the process of adopting, or those who are already

parenting children who they have welcomed through adoption.



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