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What is Open Adoption?

Open adoption is a positive way to bring people together to create an adoption plan that leaves all parties feeling secure and respected.

Birth parents choose the adoptive family who will raise their child, and along with the adoptive family, they choose how they want to keep in touch with the child over the years. The starting point of an open adoption is the birth family and adoptive family coming together to build a plan that will meet the needs of the child.  Many birth parents receive emails, photos of their child, and some also have phone calls and visits with the adoptive family.  Every adoption plan is unique and the type and frequency of contact will likely vary over time as the family’s lives will undoubtedly change. Ongoing contact of some form will give the birth parent and their family comfort of knowing that their child is safe and happy. They can be proud of the plan they built for their child, knowing that they placed their child's needs above their own.


Through ongoing contact, adoptive families better understand the birth parents' decision to choose adoption, and they have access to important information about the birth parents. Open adoption especially benefits the children.  There is an opportunity for the child to learn about and maintain a connection with their birth family, their culture and original roots. Each open adoption arrangement is unique.  At ABC, we will ensure the child's placement is as unique as the people involved.


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